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Geriatric Care

Aging Life Care™️ Solutions 


Aging Life Care Solutions uses a team approach to assess and address both short term and long term needs instead of just putting a band-aid on the problem.  We listen, evaluate and provide solutions that are tailored to our individual clients and families.


Some of the services we provide are: 

Comprehensive Care Planning:

  • The Aging Life Care Professional™ team will complete a comprehensive assessment, including medical, physical, functional, financial, environmental and safety needs.

  • Based on this assessment, a life care plan will be developed based on the best interests of your loved one. 

  • The life care plan, with the client's approval, may be developed in collaboration with other professionals.

  • The team can provide ongoing care management services as needed.

Crisis Consultation: 

  • Potential problems are often not addressed until there is a crisis.  Our team is here to help. 

  • Simply call and speak with one of our team members.  

  • After an initial evaluation of the situation, we will provide guidance on the steps needed to address the problem at hand.

Facility Advocacy:  

  • Whether you or your loved one is in the hospital or in a nursing care facility, our team can be your advocate to be sure that optimal care is being provided. 

  •  In addition, we can facilitate communication between the health care staff and family.


Family Liaison: 

  • Our team can enhance communication among family members by keeping them informed of the well-being and changing needs of the older adult.  

  • Our team can also facilitate family meetings to help with care decisions.


Accompany to Medical Visits:

  • Our team can accompany you or your loved one to medical appointments to provide an extra set of ears at those important meetings.  

  • We can also assist with medical appointment scheduling and follow up.


Medication Management: 

  • Our team can assist the older person to manage their medicines according to doctor's directions.

Companionship and Social Connectedness: "Friendly Visits": 

  • Our team can provide routine visits and socialization, as well as monitoring adherence to a medical plan.


Alternative Living Options: 

  • Our team can evaluate and recommend the appropriate level of living options.

  • Whether the goal is staying at home for as long as possible by modifying the home and/or adding services, or selecting an assisted living or skilled nursing facility, we have the expertise to help.

  • We can assist with the transition and also provide on-going care management services at any facility.


Legal and Financial Planning: 

  • Based on an assessment of your needs and concerns, we can direct you to a variety of other professionals who may further assist you with estate, financial and Medicaid planning as needed.


If you don’t see a service above that would address your particular concern just call us and ask. Chances are that if we cannot help with your concern, we know the right person who can.

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