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Providing Aging Life Care Solutions in Central Kentucky -

Aging Life Care™️ is a holistic approach to caring for older adults facing ongoing health challenges.  Finding and coordinating services for yourself, parent or other family member can be overwhelming.  Often, issues of distance, time constraints and the uncertainty of what services are available leaves many at a loss of where to start.  


Aging Life Care Professionals™️ (formerly known as geriatric care managers) provide the answers at this time of uncertainty.  Their guidance leads families to decisions that ensure quality care for the elders they love, reducing worry and stress for family caregivers.


Aging Life Care™️ Solutions (ALCS) is a team of experienced Aging Life Care Professionals, dedicated to helping senior adults and their families find solutions to the challenges of growing older.  Our team members have degrees in nursing, law, chaplaincy and bioethics.


As caregivers for our own aging parents and other family members, we have experienced the difficulty in navigating the healthcare maze and trying to identify available services, often long distance or while working full-time.   Our team is here to help you with this journey.  We will assist you and your family in understanding care options so that you can make the right decisions for yourself and your loved ones.


Our mission is to support the best possible quality of life for seniors and their families facing the challenges of aging, by assisting in the navigation of systems to promote independence and successful aging.




      Locally Owned and Operated


      Serving The Central Kentucky Area




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